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Interface Detectors ID 200
Oil Water Meters OW 200 OW 300
Multiphase Flow Meters MPFM 50
Hydrate Detector Hydrate Detector

The AGAR OW-300 Series oil/water meters measure liquid-in-liquid concentrations by measuring the complex permittivity properties of the flow stream using a multiple high frequency method. Typical applications include crude oil and finished product pipeline monitoring, water in slop oil, glycol and water, and aqueous/organic measurement.

Series Options:

  • OW-301 Spool Type
  • OW-302 Insertion Type

Advantages of the Agar OW-300 series:

  • Pipeline BS&W measurement for refined products
  • Crude pipelines
  • Desalter crude feed
  • Well testing
  • LACT units
  • Separation control
  • Shipping terminals
ID 200
OW-300 Series Installation - Argentina

Note: Please click here for more information on Agar's OW-300 Series oil/water meters.

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