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Alkylation Acid Control Alkylation Acid Control
Amine Production/Application Amine Production/Application
Amine Refining/Application Amine Refining/Application
Caustic Wash Caustic Wash
Contaminant Detection Contaminant Detection
Desalter Control Desalter Control
Dewatering Dewatering
Foam Detection Foam Detection
Free Water Knock-Out Free Water Knock-Out
Gas Sweetening Gas Sweetening
Production Separators Production Separators
Pulp Mill Pulp Mill
Slop Cleanup Slop Oil
Sour Water Sour Water
Throughput Throughput
Two Phase Separation Two Phase Separation
Waste Water Treatment Waste Water Treatment

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Refineries currently utilizing Agar systems increase throughput up to 20% and significantly reduce the amount of process upsets - resulting in up to an 80% reduction in hydrocarbon under carry to the waste water treatment plant as witnessed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Agar systems provide an unmatched ability to optimize difficult separation processes by utilizing concentration measurement and control. Often, the return on investment is realized in less than three months.

Agar systems have been used for over 25 years by all major oil companies and many independent refiners with installation in over 250 desalters and over 5000 process vessels worldwide. Because of the system's ability to detect small amounts of oil in water, typically Agar systems are used to control the oil under carry for environmental projects and often are used to control the water over carry in the oil phase.



  • Desalters
  • Storage Tank Dewatering
  • API Separators
  • Slop Oil
  • Amine Units
  • Sour Water Tanks
  • Alkylation
  • Caustic Wash
  • Defoaming
  • Demulsification
  • Coker Units

Agar systems are unaffected by coatings and can be inserted and extracted while the process is under pressure and in service.

Throughput - Fig 1

Upstream Applications